Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Imagination corner:pets as the owners

Now write me a short story about pets that are the owners of us.


  1. Pets DO own us.

    Pets allow us to care for them, and to behave as they wish. Just try changing a pet’s feeding time, and see how you are punished.

    I knew a dog who was jealous of the attention his owner’s plants got, so the dog pulled them all out of the pots and made them disappear, ta da!

    The same dog would steal the owner’s hand tools and hide them in the yard, silently laughing while the owner searched and searched.

    A cat I know uses his mouth to remove straight pins from pincushions and sewing projects, just to drop them on the floor for a sleepy, barefoot owner to “find” later.

    Try this: pester your cat too often and wait for him to barf in the middle of your bedroom to get even.

  2. I agree with you aztxquilter only for short i would call it carma. Here email me at :P

  3. Lol,sid that is my mom talking about OUR pets!

  4. you can see, pets rule our world. just wait till you get 2 cats and 2 dogs!